World Social Forum 2021 : Water and Environment


Session co-organised by European Water Movement and International Rivers


Aqeelah Hassen (en), International Rivers
Marcella Mella (es), No Alto Maipo
Ercan Ayboga (en, fr subtitles), Mesopotamian Ecology Movement
Thierry Uso (fr, en subtitles), Eau Secours 34
Daniel Hofnung (fr, en subtitles), Coordination Eau Ile-de-France
Annelies Broekman (es, en subtitles), Xarxa Nova Cultura de l’Aigua)
Renad Masnara (en), UAWC-Palestine
Jan Pokorny (en), ENKI


European river deltas and climate change


Dagmar Behrendt Kaljarikova, European Commission, DG Environment
Jaap Nienhuis, Ultrech University
Patrick Grillas, Tour du Valat
Sandor Baranya, Budapest University of Technology and Economics


Interviews conducted during the EWM meeting in Lisbon

Água é de todos conducted several interviews on the water situation in Europe during the EWM meeting held on 30 June 2018 in Lisbon:

  • Luis Babiano (AEOPAS) on the situation in Spain - Spanish
  • Pau Ortinez (Aigua Es Vida) on the situation in Catalonia - Spanish
  • Renato di Nicola (Forum italiano dei movimenti per l'acqua) on the situation in Italy - Spanish
  • Thierry Uso (Eau Secours 34) on the situation in France - French with subtitles in Portuguese
  • Noreen Murphy (right2water Irish campaign) on the situation in Ireland - English with subtitles in Portuguese
  • Emmanouil Mastorakis (SEKES EYDAP) on the situation in Greece - English with subtitles in Portuguese


Defending the Rivers of Bosnia and Herzegovina

A message to the Energy Community and EU Commission by NGO Eko akcija :

  • Add Water Framework, Birds and Habitats Directives to Energy Community Treaty to reduce the impact of hydropower projects
  • Exclude small hydropower plants from the category of renewable energy sources
  • Exclude small hydropower plants from the subsidy scheme and State aid
  • Revise renewable energy targets and develop funding programmes to help green energy transition suited to the needs and capabilities of BiH society and its environment

And a short but very informative video accompanying the above message.


European Water Movement in FAMA 2018

The European Water Movement and its members contributed to the self-organised sessions of the FAMA, on March 17 and 18.

In particular the European Water Movement was involved in four sessions: three co-organised by the EWM and one organised by a member of the European Water Movement (CICMA) and its local partners, in collaboration with the EWM.

Video of the session “Against water commodification-privatisation at both local and transnational level”, on March 17