29 January 2021: World Social Forum, Water and Environnement


Session co-organised by European Water Movement and International Rivers


Aqeelah Hassen (International Rivers)
Issues raised by large dams in Africa

Marcella Mella (No Alto Maipo)
Lucha ciudadana contra la presa de Alto Maipo en Chile

Ercan Ayboga (Mesopotamian Ecology Movement)
Impacts on rivers and communities living near the rivers by dams in the Mesopotamian region

Thierry Uso (Eau Secours 34)
Usage non durable de l’eau par les centrales nucléaires

Daniel Hofnung (Coordination Eau Ile-de-France)
Accaparement de l’eau et pollution des milieux aquatiques par l’agrobusiness

Annelies Broekman (Xarxa Nova Cultura de l’Aigua)
El riego insostenible de la agricultura industrial en la región mediterránea

Bruce Shillingsworth (Australian First Nations)
Vanishing of Australian rivers due to excessive water withdrawal by industrial agriculture, consequences for local communities

Renad Masnara (UAWC-Palestine)
Preserving water rights through peasant agroecology and food Sovereignty

Jan Pokorny, Michal Kravcic (New Water Paradigm)
Principles of the New Water Paradigm


David Sanchez (Food & Water Europe)