Thessaloniki and Athens water back in State hands

27 July 2023

Today the Greek Government implemented the decision 8/2023 of the CoS (Council of State) Compliance Committee by legislating the exit of EYATH from Superfund, and its return to the State.

With a 12-line amendment, the Water of Thessaloniki returns to the management of the State, where the Constitution has always stipulated. 

In 2011, the Hellenic Privatisation Fund (TAIPED) was established and EYATH - EYDAP were included in it for sale. A struggle was launched to keep Water as a common  good under Public control.

In 2023, after dozens of mobilizations, a grandiose referendum on Water, the transformation of the Hellenic Water Fund to Superfund, and five decisions of the Council of State, the country's largest water companies are returned to the state.

An amendment in July 2022 was interposed by which the Government annulled the decisions 190/2022 & 191/2022 of the CoS for the exit of EYATH- EYDAP from the Superfund, an amendment - an anti-democratic diversion.

This was followed by decisions 7&8/2023 (March 2023) of the CoS Compliance Committee, which forced the Government to withdraw its anti-democratic diversion.

At midnight on April 2, after the Concert for Water at Aristotelous Square in Thessaloniki (30.000 spectators) the first declarations for the implementation of the CoS decisions started by government officials. 

The government was forced to comply with the decisions of the Council of State and the will of millions of citizens.

We could not celebrate in a situation where the country is literally burning, canadair pilots and train passengers are being sacrificed in the name of "less state", energy and all public goods have been privatized, and the logic of "go where the sun goes" is becoming the norm.

Let the fight for water become an example to take back our lives and our land.

Today a great cycle is closing; we are preparing for the next cycles that have already opened, PPPs, Water regulatory, Public Taps.

Thank you, to each and every one of you who throughout these 12 years believed, supported, fought, struggled, frustrated, tired, encouraged, and finally vindicated with us. Without each and every one of you, Water would be in private hands.

Struggle’s justice, took a lot from you,
But Life as at postpartum, gave birth to hope.
(lyrics from a Greek struggle song) 

This text is the English translation of the
announce on the website of the EYATH Employees Union