Solidarity with our fellow campaigners in Thessaloniki

Our Greek friends and fellow campaigners in Thessaloniki need our help and solidarity to keep water in public hands !

In Thessaloniki a struggle against water privatization is going on. As part of the Troika's (European Commission, European Central Bank and IMF) austerity programme the Water and Sewage Company EYATH in Thessaloniki is going to be sold.

The planned privatization of water services has raised broad resistance in Thessaloniki. With the aim of giving voice to the citizens' opposition a general assembly of SOS te nero (Save our water) campaign decided to organize a popular referendum on water privatization, be held on Sunday, May 18, 2014, simultaneously with the first round of local elections.

"This referendum has a movement character, and arises primarily from the desire of citizens to reflect authentic opinion for the future management of the public goods of water supply and sanitation." (Regional Association of Municipalities of Central Macedonia, Unanimous Decision of the Board on local referendum on the privatization of EYATH, 14 March 2014)

The referendum is non-binding, but it is expected that the investors will respect the outcome of the referendum that they are not welcome.

The European Water Movement supports these efforts against privatisation, will concentrate its strength for backing our Greek friends. To this end we appeal to all our members for:

  • Sending one or more members of your organisation as witnesses and observers on Sunday 18th of May.
  • Sending volunteers in the final days of the campain to support the Greek water activists (please send us the dates) and/or to assist staff at the polling stations on Sunday 18th of May.
  • Giving financial contribution to help pay for advertisement in the local media (The European Federation of Public Service Unions has set up a bank account for this purpose: IBAN BE62 4376 2009 4261 – BIC: KREDBEBB, please use the reference Thessaloniki).
  • Posting information on the referendum in your social media, and including it in your communications in the coming weeks.

The defense of public water services is a global issue, a matter of mutual interest, even if the struggles take place at local level.

In case your organization is able to send volunteers to assist, please let us know for better coordination.

christiane.hansen (at)
juttaschuetz (at)