August 2014: European summer university for social movements

The European Water Movement will host three workshops during the European summer university for social movements to be held in Paris from 19 to 24 August.

Commodification and financialization of water within the UE

Water cycles and climate change

What democracy for water management within the EU ?

May 17th: Stop austerity! Stop privatizations!

Water, land, income, house, jobs, commons, social rights and democracy in Italy and Europe

Call for the construction of a nationalwide demonstration
in Rome (Italy) on May 17th

A new era in privatization of the commons, in attacks against our social rights and democracy is beginning.

The extraordinary victory achieved at 2011 water referendum shows that consent to a “private is better” ideology has ended and the multitude of open conflicts dealing with the defence of commons and local territories suggests the possibility and the urgency of a new social model. But crisis, built on the trap of public debt, is proposing again the ideology of “private is compulsory and indispensable” in a strong and fierce way.


Mars 2014: Fight the water tax and austerity

Saturday 22 March 2014
Ashling Hotel, Pargate St. - Dublin (Ireland)

Meeting organised by Anti Austerity Alliance

April 2014: Our water is not for sale

Saturday 5 April 2014
The Gresham Hotel O’Connell St., Dublin (Ireland).

Conference on the Politics, Selling and Privatisation of Water
Convened by Brid Smith, People Before Profit candidate for Europe
Sponsored by Unite the Union

“Water promises to be the 21st century what oil was to the 20th century: the precious commodity that determines the wealth of nations” - Fortune Magazine


March 2014: Demonstration against the Hydrological Plan for the Ebro basin

Demonstration in March 30th by the Plataforma en Defensa de l'Ebre (PDE) to reject the Ebro hydrological plan. It will start at 11:30 from Sant Jaume d'Enveja and it will finish in Plaça de l'Ajuntament in Deltebre.

The Spanish Government approved in an incomprehensible way a hydrological plan for the Ebro basin that involves building 43 new dams and 450 000 new hectares of irrigated land (now there are 950 000). The plan doesn't consider impacts of climate change nor the sediment input in the Ebro delta, threatening its survival.

This plan means an infringement of the Water Framework Directive. Catalonian population is invited to the demonstration organized by the PDE to put a halt to this plan.