First Successful ECI on Right2Water presents demands to EU Institutions

Brussels 17 February - The first ever successful European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) met with Maros Sefcovic and the European Commission services today to discuss the application of the ECI within European legislation. This is the first time the European Commission meets and discusses with citizens to initiate European legislation.

After having received over 1.68 million valid statements ( the representatives of the citizens committee are demanding that the European Commission recognise and implement the right to water for all into EU legislation as a way of ensuring all Member States do the same.

The message of our ECI is simple. Implement the human right to water, do not liberalise water services in the EU and do more to ensure people across the world have access to clean and safe water,” says Jan Willem Goudriaan, vice-president of the ECI Right2Water.

Also today, the President of the Environment Committee (ENVI) Matthias Groote chaired a public hearing with representatives of the Petitions Committee, the Internal Market Committee and the Development Committee. Over 30 Members of the European Parliament were able to ask questions.

The European Water Movement has been a pillar of this ECI. People supporting the ECI Right2Water have a clear message: “We do not want the liberalisation of water services in the EU. Human rights come before market interests,” says Gabriella Zanzanaini, Director of European Affairs for Food & Water Europe.

For more information contact:

Gabriella Zanzanaini, (+32) 488 409 662, gzanzanaini(at)
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