Time to Act on Right2Water

The European Commission Must Finally Take Action

Together, we have been campaigning for many years to implement the Human Right to Water and Sanitation in Europe. We collected signatures — nearly 2 million. In December 2013 we delivered them to the European Commission, which disappointed all of us with their answer. With your support, we campaigned to get a strong resolution from the European Parliament in 2015. Our demands were also backed by the European Economic and Social Committee.

2 Million Citizens Are Still Waiting for an Answer

The nearly 2 million signatures delivered to the European Commission were collected through a new participatory mechanism, the European Citizens' Initiative (ECI), a tool designed to increase participatory democracy in the EU. The European Commission is supposed to take action after a successful ECI. But after more than two years, the reality is that they are just ignoring the demands of European citizens.

The Commission Keeps Us Waiting, While Big Business Do Their Job

The Human Right to Water and Sanitation was recognised by the United Nations in 2010. It was demanded by a great mobilisation of European citizens. The European Parliament and the European Economic and Social Committee supported those demands. What else is the European Commission waiting for? By not applying a basic Human Right into EU law they are giving up to the industry lobby. By not listening to the demands of so many citizens that used the only participatory mechanisms they have, they are widening the gap between public opinion and the European Institutions.

We Urgently Need to Implement the Human Right to Water

After so many years of austerity, the implementation of the Human Right to Water in Europe is even more urgent than before. Access to water is still not a reality for many vulnerable families, thousands of households are being deprived from water for not being able to pay the bills, and water management is still being privatised in many countries. In the meantime, the European Commission keeps on negotiating free trade agreements that would put under question the model of public water management that we need to achieve this human right.

Ask the European Commission to Act on the Right to Water!

World Water Day, a date to mark the importance of water, is the perfect moment for the European Commission to finally react. Thanks to you and thousands of European citizens, we got the support from the European Parliament. Let the Commission know how important the Human Right to Water is for you: write them now!

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