Letter to the MEPs on the recast of the Drinking Water Directive

Brussels, 17 october 2018

Dear MEP,

Early this year, the European commission approved the recast of the Drinking Water Directive (DWD). For the first time legislation takes somehow into account the demands of the first ever successful European Citizens Initiative (ECI) Right2water.

The European Water movement has been one of the key stakeholders in the success of this ECI.

On the 11th of September, the ENVI committee of the European Parliament voted the report on the Recast of the Drinking Water Directive. Some key amendments, crucial to achieve the Right2Water, were rejected by a slim majority of MEPs. The text should now be presented in plenary on the 23rd of October in Strasbourg.

Alternative amendments regarding art. 1 and 13, aiming at “providing universal access” to water and reinforcing measures to achieve it have been tabled again . We call you to support them and reaffirm that Member States shall take all necessary measures to provide universal access to water!

The DWD is a great opportunity to make the human right to water a reality, it is time for European Parliament to take the stand!

We are very much looking forward to receiving your support on this crucial dossier for all European citizens: the revision of the Drinking Water Directive is a good occasion to finally implement the Right2Water in EU legislation and show that the EU can deliver on concrete issues for European inhabitants’ daily life.

We demand you to vote in favour of these alternative amendments. We trust we can count on you to support the Human Right to Water!

Best Regards,