Declaration of organizations and movements for the co-operative management of the Thessaloniki water by citizens


Citizens of Thessaloniki,

now that the processes of water privatization (EYATH, EYDAP) are moving again,
now that it was clearly perceived the illusion that the assignment of our affairs to third parties (parties, governments and all kinds of power) can provide solutions for the benefit of citizens,
now it's time for us all to realize that if we do not get the citizens themselves the management of the water in our hands, no one will save us!

Given that EYATH-EYDAP has passed to the super-fund and that the budget of 2018 has provided revenue of 35 million euros from the sale of 23% of EYATH, we NOW demand:

The water in the hands of citizens, not of corporations

Four years ago, in the historic Referendum of 18 May 2014 on EYATH, all together Citizens, Water Movements, Local Government and Workers, all the city's society in a Great Alliance of NO, we gave a resounding response to those who attempted to privatize. It was a great event, a golden page in the history of our city which marked Thessaloniki in the world map of the fights for water.

Today, four years later, the city must once again unite on the vital theme of water in two directions:

  1. prevent any attempt to privatize it;
  2. the formation of the Great Alliance of YES on a joint proposal of all Thessaloniki citizens, in order to pass the water cooperatively into the hands of the citizens.

We believe that this should be our response to an upcoming water privatization process.

We propose the internationally proven, most successful water management model with primary non-profit water cooperatives in each water-borne municipality of the city, whose Union will manage the EYATH of citizens, workers and municipalities in order to provide high quality water with low prices, environmental protection, democratic functioning and social justice.

We jointly open an invitation to the citizens of Thessaloniki, to the movements, the Local Government and the social organizations of the city, to jointly claim the management of the Water of Thessaloniki by the citizens and the local community.

To set up the Great Alliance of YES on this racing claim, paving the way for the final victory.

Movements, organizations, collectives signing the Declaration

  1. Movement K136
  2. Antigoni - Information and Documentation Center on Racism, Ecology, Peace and Non Violence
  3. Green Wave Festival
  4. Women in Network
  5. Network of Volunteer Organizations of Thessaloniki
  6. Network of Social Cooperative Enterprises of Central Macedonia
  7. Energy Social Cooperative
  8. Union of Cooperatives "Citizens' Association for Water"
  9. Reuse Now!
  10. Branch union of EYATH
  11. Social Cooperative Enterprise Agrodiaetus Nephoiptamenos - Reborn Kitchen of the Poor
  12. Social Cooperative Enterprise BioHerbal Hellas
  13. Social Cooperative Enterprise Bio-Riza
  14. Social Cooperative Enterprise Eco-Greece
  15. Social Cooperative Enterprise Icons
  16. Social Cooperative Enterprise Olympus Aroma
  17. Social Cooperative Enterprise Pointplan
  18. Social Cooperative Enterprise Creations
  19. Social Cooperative Enterprise Lifelong Learning
  20. Social Cooperative Enterprise Workshop without borders
  21. Social Cooperative Enterprise Esperides
  22. Social Cooperative Enterprise Mygdonia
  23. Social Cooperative Enterprise Collecting
  24. Social Cooperative Enterprise Earth Spiral
  25. Social Cooperative Enterprise Support S.S.E.
  26. Social Parliament of Toumba Thessaloniki
  27. Social Consumer Cooperative of Thessaloniki "Bios Coop"
  28. Social Space "Oikopolis"
  29. People's University of Social Solidarity Economy "UnivSSE Coop"
  30. Ecology - Solidarity
  31. Ecological Movement of Thessaloniki
  32. Ecological Network
  33. Initiative Group of Water Cooperative of Triandria, Municipality of Thessaloniki
  34. Initiative Group of Water Cooperative of the Municipality of Delta
  35. Initiative Group of Water Cooperative of the Municipality of Thermaikos
  36. Initiative Group of Water Cooperative of Municipality of Thermi
  37. Initiative Group of Water Cooperative of the 2nd Community of Thessaloniki Municipality
  38. Initiative Group of Water Cooperative of the 3rd Community of Thessaloniki (Upper Town, Eptapyrgio)
  39. Initiative Group of Water Cooperative of the Municipality of Ampelokipoi-Menemeni
  40. Initiative Group of Water Cooperative of Municipality of Kalamaria
  41. Initiative Group of Water Cooperative of the Municipality of Neapolis - Sykeon
  42. Initiative Group of Water Cooperative of Pavlos Melas Municipality
  43. Initiative Group of Water Cooperative of Oreokastro Municipality
  44. Observatory of Civil Society Organizations in Central Macedonia
  45. Environmental Association of Assiros "Friends of the Earth"
  46. PROS.K.AL.O. - Cooperation Initiative for the Social and Solidarity Economy
  47. Association for the Protection of the Environment of the wider region of Lagada, Thessaloniki
  48. Cooperative for the Social Management of Waste "Anabiosis Coop"
  49. Water Cooperative of the 1st Community of Thessaloniki Municipality (city center)
  50. Water Cooperative of the 4th Community of Thessaloniki Municipality (Toumba)
  51. Water Cooperative of the 5th Community of Thessaloniki Municipality (Charilaou, Depot, Faliro)
  52. Water Cooperative of the Municipality of Kordelio-Evosmos
  53. Water Cooperative of the Municipality of Pylaia-Chortiatis (Panorama, Pilea, Chortiatis)
  54. Water Cooperative of Solidarity