Initiative 136

Key points of the proposal for acquisition of E.Y.A.TH. by its consumers.

The “Iniciative 136” was created by collectives, organizations and individuals who live in Thessaloniki and is addressed to all citizens. It has taken the initiative to coordinate the creation of a legal entity of social character, which will participate in public tender for the acquisition of 40% plus the management of E.Y.A.TH  (initials for Thessaloniki’s Water and Sewerage Company), claiming control of the water of the city for its own citizens / consumers, rather than a multinational company.


Berliner Wassertisch

Berliner Wassertisch is a local network of representatives of different groups, initiatives and interested citizens joined under the common theme "Water belongs to us all - water is a human right". As a local area network, they are fighting the partial privatization of the Berlin water companies.