Reggio Emilia city towards re-municipalisation of water

Monday, December 17th, the City Council of Reggio Emilia has approved a statement that bring the emilian town near the re-municipalisation of the water service and represents another example for the rest of Italy.

In fact, the popular initiative motion submitted by the Reggio Emilia Water Common Good Committee, even voted by a majority of the City Council (PD, Democratic Party, SEL, Left, Ecology and Liberty) and a part of the minority (M5S, Five Stars Movement and former Lega Nord people), with no votes against, point out to the need to go out from the multi-utility enterprise IREN and identifies the managing body in a “public law special company”.

It is a very important result for the implementation of the water referendum and to respect the will of the people that need water in public hands. A first step that honors the work of the Reggio Emilia Water Common Good Committee and the whole movement to the water to pursuit the aim of full public control of water.

Furthermore, the fact that the mayor of Reggio Emilia, Del Rio, is also the President of ANCI (Italian National Municipal Association) should indicate to the other Italian municipalities what is the right way to protect the water, ensuring a common good and maintain a public service to all citizens.